The Story

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Legendary cinematographer Christopher Doyle & filmmaker Jenny Suen step up to the helm for THE WHITE GIRL, a tropical noir fairytale set in one of the last fishing villages in Hong Kong, starring Joe Odagiri & Angela Yuen. The story is about three outcasts who live there: an artist on the run from the real world, a street kid who dreams of striking it rich, & a lonely schoolgirl who is allergic to the sun. 


They aren’t accepted because they are different. Through each other, they learn to celebrate the difference that makes them who they are. They expose the lies and corruption to which others have long turned a blind eye. They find their voice.

The setting is a sleepy hamlet called Pearl Village, far away from Hong Kong’s city centre. It is fogged in, quiet before the storm. The villagers see this as an omen that their way of life is about to disappear. A new bridge to China looms in the distance. The Village Chief sees spoils ready for the taking…  

Pearl Village is a metaphor for Hong Kong. Two hundred and fifty years ago, our city was nothing but a collection of these tiny hamlets. Today, these spaces are mostly gone. The fishermen and fisherwomen’s way of life, the saltwater songs they sing, their voices—these will disappear with the last of this generation.